Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Video Fun

In the spirit of getting things back to normal around here, it's time for you know what...

Damn right.

The weekend.

And also Video Fun. You know, since it's Friday and all.

I am starting the apartment hunt in earnest now - looking for a place in Manhattan. I can't move until February 15th because I am a broke bitch and I need to wait for my bonus (which comes a convenient two months after Christmas) and my raise to kick in. The bright side is I make enough now (or will soon) to afford to live by myself. And I love myself. Constantly.

Let me express to you how horrible it is to look for apartments in NYC.

First of all in order to even find a place worth living in you pretty much have to pay a broker's fee. That's basically a fee of $2000 for someone with access to apartment listings to refax your info to the landlord for you.


Did I mention rent is at least $1500/month to live in a shoebox? That's if I get lucky and find a cheap place to live.

Now I get to deal with apartment brokers showing me small places in old, gross buildings and trying to get me to into apartments I don't like. Good thing I'm a crabby, spoiled, picky person who doesn't mind telling a broker they have to actually earn their fee by showing me 900+ apartments this month.


Unfortunately I am the kind of spoiled, crabby person who isn't patient enough to actually go look at that many places. So here I am starting the hunt for a new apartment.

That being said, while I'm not excited to look for a place and to actually move, I am excited to live somewhere new and to not commute an hour each way on the subway every day.

(I'm not sure if I've mentioned before my extreme contempt for the F train. No? Oh, well I dislike it immensely. True story.)

OK, so wish me luck on the apartment search. I will leave you with this video...

I honestly don't even know what to say about this, just watch it.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I feel all Midwesterny, but SERIOUSLY? A broker for a shitty apartment? That's crazy! Oh, and your rent is WAY more than my mortgage...for my 3 bedroom house.

  2. I have written an Apartment Hunting in New York guide.

    It **may** be useful....(if it's not, you can say so)

  3. Uhm. I wish I could move into my own place. SO. Badly.

    that's my next big goal

  4. The FailBlog has made many, many moments of my life worthwhile.

    Check the obits...


  5. OH MY GOD. I just found this video two days ago. I laughed my ass off. I watched it over and over. I IM'd the link to all my friends. I'm so happy now.

  6. Good luck on the apt. hunt. Have I ever told you that I have a not so secret desire to live in Manhatten?

  7. Loving yourself constantly is a huge perk to living alone. Good luck with the apartment hunt.

  8. Punchline - Thanks for making me feel better!

    RB - Really helpful actually, thanks! Although I spent most of my time looking at the NYC crime stats.

    Deutlich - So we're not moving in together?

    LiLu - I just found it. It definitely rules.

    Regardez Moi - AYDS makes a lot of people happy I guess.

    HB - Move here. Now.

    LBluca - Apparently I don't need to live alone to accomplish that.