Saturday, October 25, 2008


My blog was recently locked because it was flagged as a potential spam blog. Now, I really dislike spam and I understand the need for real person to filter out spam from the world in general (and actually I rather appreciate that they have a real person, so they say, going over it to help filter the spam thereby lessening the amount of spam out there) but what does it say about how I write, or what I wrote, that it got noticed and flagged as spam?

Is it possible that I am as ubiquitously generic and frightening as actual SPAM?

(Did you follow that link? How creepy is their website?)

Other people are afraid of that stuff right? I've personally never been able to bring myself to try it - and I will try just about anything. There is something about that gelatinous, fleshy colored, gooey, semi-meat product that makes me afraid. Not disgusted. Not grossed out. Afraid. I'm scared of it.


Back to the spam, spam though. Like I wrote before, part of the point of this blog jammy is to find (or to develop) a better writing style. But damn dude, I am off to a pretty rough start when a website flags my only post as seemingly generated by a robot. I have to assume that in order to filter those spam blogs out of the system they have a program or something that scans the new blogs and looks for the most common patterns of spammers or writings generated by either scammers, spammers or computers. And, um, yeah mine got noticed in that filtering program right out of the starting gate. How generic is the shit I wrote? I mean, really? I officially got my mellow harshed.

(On the bright side, I guess it can only get better from here)

Oh, and not that anybody reads this (except for me and maybe the person who has to review this and determine if it's spam or real. Hi there!), but today is my brother's birthday. Happy birthday Sam.

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