Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Weather

I have a pretty busy week coming up at work. I really want to enjoy the weekend, to savor it, to genuinely feel like I got the most out of it when I get back to work on Monday, you know? Not just this weekend, but weekends in general. Ideally, I would like one day to veg out, and do nothing but sleep, watch sports and be disgustingly, embarrassingly lazy (like I have to try...)while I get less intelligent and more fat. The other day I would like to get out and do something to make me feel like I am actually "enjoying" the weekend, since apparently doing nothing makes me feel like I didn't enjoy it. Stupid socialization.

Sunday is clearly the best day for laying around and soaking in all the extra calories along with the laziness and sports; obviously because of football, which I don't much like to miss anymore. This leaves Saturday as the day for getting out and doing something outside, or at least getting out of the house in some capacity.

This weekend the weather is just not cooperating.

Yesterday (Saturday) it was so nasty outside that the dog I am babysitting (dogsitting?) this weekend didn't even want to go for a walk (actually we went outside for a walk and the look she gave me as soon as we hit the pavement was hilarious. She may as well have said in English, "Um, are you fucking kidding me? I am not hanging out out here in this weather. Get real dude."). It was ultra-windy and wet; it was raining so hard I had to change clothes and dry my shoes out after making it only to the corner and back. Just like the time I wet my pants on the ski lift. Or the time I wet my pants after I had passed out sitting up on my couch with a beer in my hand... A few months ago. And the time I wet my pants at my college graduation. On stage. I made that one up.

Today, Sunday, is beautiful though. It's about 65 degrees and sunny, no wind to speak of and all around just a wonderfully nice fall day in NYC. But there is football on TV today - good football too (I mean Giants vs Steelers, Indy vs Tennessee, Arizona vs Carolina, SD vs NO. C'mon!). Now, all day yesterday there were really only a few college football games on that I was particularly interested in watching, except for the Ohio State/Penn State game which, along with the World Series, didn't even start until relatively late. So all day I was stuck inside and bored off my ass with really no sports to watch (although the Golden Gophers did beat Purdue yesterday morning!) or anything to do all by my lonesome, since I don't actually have any friends. And going outside wasn't even an option.

All I ask is for the forces that be to correct this weather issue in the future, so that if it is going to be really nice one day and so shitty as to keep me prisoner inside on the other day, that the nice day be Saturday and the shitty day be Sunday. That way I can get out and enjoy the day on Saturday and sit inside watching TV all day Sunday without feeling guilty and without missing any football. Is that too much to ask?

Actually, yes, it is. I know. But let me kvetch about it this one time, okay?

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