Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blog Layout

A little blog housekeeping, if you will...

I think I'm going to change the layout of this here blog. The current layout has been nice and all, but it was sort of a starter layout. Kind of like how my first wife will be. Attractive at first, and super, super easy; but I need something a bit more sophisticated now. 

I really didn't choose this one so much as it was the default background/color scheme/layout that appeared when I started this thing a few weeks ago. I am thinking of going with something a little bit more in your face. Like skulls and penises in the background (crossed penises instead of the crossbones). Or maybe something like a white background with a simple, clean layout or design.

With hidden, subliminal penises.

What is my problem? Grow up dude.


I thought about letting people vote on the new layout, but there are two problems with that. First, I don't think anybody really reads this thing - well maybe a couple people (and honestly I have no idea why) but the vote would really not be all that democratic. It would basically be me and one or two other people deciding on the new look (which, actually is fine with me you two. Let me know which one you like). Second, I simply am not patient enough to wait for people to see a new layout everyday or every other day and then wait again for everyone (all two people) to weigh in on the look.

So, to get to the point (I know, I already lost any chance at brevity here), I'll probably just change it tonight. And maybe again tomorrow or the next day if I don't love it. 

So to the both of you out there: I hope you like the new look if and when it comes. And if not, well, just deal with it. 

...Or actually, just tell me and we'll see what we can come up with together.

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  1. Okay.. I got my toast (and crumbs are scattering all over my computer as I type). I love the first wife thing- that's great. And thanks for pretending to understand my blog & linking me. I'd do the same, but my blogroll thing is broken. boo.