Friday, November 14, 2008

I am a busy, busy guy these days

You know what sucks?

When you're so busy you can't stop working for even a minute to do anything.

When you're so busy you have no time to read all those blogs you love to read.

When you're so busy you don't have time to check your personal email.

When you're so busy you don't have time to write a real blog entry.

When you're so busy you don't have time to eat lunch.

(I'm hungry)

When you're so busy that on Friday afternoon at 2:45pm you start to wish it was Wednesday so you could get done this week all that you need to get done before the week is over.

(I remember not that long ago when, on Wednesday, I was wishing it was Friday. Oh man!)

Wow, I can't believe I just said that. No, I am glad it's the weekend, but I gots lots to do get done here in the next few hours.

On a positive note, it is almost the weekend and I have no idea how this week just flew by like it did. I feel like it was Monday morning like 15 minutes ago.

Also, about the change in layout...

Damn people, nobody likes the new look? The clean, white layout? I was really starting to like the white look too (is that a racial comment? No way dude, I voted for Obama, it's cool).

Bottom line is: You may see some experimentation - like that one time in college with those frat guys - but this whole white thing is growing on me (that's what she said!).

So you may not.


  1. Though I don't know what the layout was before, I like your bleachy clean look. It looks nothing like my dirty kitchen or dirty underwear. (Kidding, Maybe)



  2. LIES! You aren't working! You are totally just sitting there reading my earlier blog post over and over again, letting it burn itself into your memory so you can know the proper techniques for hitting on women.

    Really UE its pathetic that you feel the need to lie about it with a lame excuse like work ;-)


  3. Dude. Breathe. Keep with that pattern, it works for most people. And if you like the white, it's cool (racist).. I'll keep reading your blog regardless of layout (even if you are a white supremacist.. I take that back, I don't do ethno/egocentrism well).

    Ok, on a serious note.. sucks that you're so busy. Some seasons are busier than others - hopefully the entirety of your life isn't like this because that would seriously blow. Which come to think of it, using the whole "suck" and "blow" terms for describing things that are less than ideal is kind of one-sided, no? I mean, if you're the receiver then it's not so bad, right? Hmmm, thought provoking. Clearly the use of these words shows progress that our society is becoming less male dominated. Assuming, of course, said terminology was used by, and therefore infiltrated society because of, heterosexual sex acts.

    That was the strangest tangent, but it's almost like I wrote a post for you. I won't even charge you for that (that's what she said).

  4. Katie - Yes, thank you. I'm glad someone else likes it.

    Jossie - I said ALL the blogs I like. Pfffftt... I read YOURS. And I would never lie to most people.

    Kisses? This is a family blog,lady, keep it PG!

    Muse - Breathing is good. But let me tell you what sucks and blows, and not in a good way. When the work you do all day somehow, someway dissapears as though it didn't get saved (when it definitely did). So your previous 3+ hours of work were all for nothing. That'll make 4:30 suck. Suck right in your blow.

    Payment for that post is coming soon. Right after I finishing kicking a hole in this computer.