Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Video Fun - Special Holiday Edition

My family is fucking crazy, I am ready to implode here with all these loud, crazy people around. I wanted to take a break from these crazies with whom I share a gene pool, so I started to watch some YouTube stuff and realized, "hey why not carry on the long standing, three-week tradition of Friday Video Fun?"

(Seriously, any suggestions on the name, before this one gets stuck? Is it too late already?)

There is a whole series of these on YouTube, they're called Drunk History. I am really nerdy and love to read about history and to learn things in general (which also makes me the smartest fucking person that you don't know.) So when someone emailed me one of these videos I was hooked - I think these are hysterical. This one is one is probably my favorite.


Actually, fuck it. It's a holiday weekend. So let's make this a special edition of Friday Video Fun. Here is another from the series, one of my other favorites.


  1. Favorite Lines : Thats separate from this
    William Franklin was a dick.
    You can film me throwing up if you want.

    Seriously, made my day. I love hiccup girl. And puke guy, well he disturbs me a little.

  2. Those are so dang funny. I like the one with michael cera as well.