Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've been busy; Random stuff

I have been stupid busy at work lately. A couple of weeks ago the guy who was above me left here for a position at another company. Which means I kind of got promoted.

But not really.

But kind of.

I have more stuff to do now, more business, and I will (in all likelihood) make more money this year; but I technically don't have a different title (well, same title only now it has "senior" in front of it. And I'm not even that old).

Anyway, for the past couple of weeks, this week in particular, I have been pedal-to-the-metal, insane busy all day everyday. The kind of busy where I lift my head up for the first time and realize it's like 3:30pm and I haven't even stopped for lunch.

My point is: I am awesome and look how hard I work and let's discuss all the rewards I deserve for being so magnificent at my job.

Actually, my point is that I haven't posted anything in a few days, due to my ballbusting workload lately. So, sorry about that, I still love you.

A few random thoughts for today before I go back to surfing the Internet and talking to my coworkers about which superheroes are likely the most promiscuous and if male superheroes go bald when they get old or if their superpowers exempt them from male pattern baldness.

Or before I start dealing with clients again, whatever.

(For the record I think Captain America would be the most promiscuous superhero. But part of me also thinks he would be more likely to be a really dedicated and completely monogamous boyfriendy type of superhero. So maybe it's somebody more like The Flash, because he's a pretty cocky and at the same time suave kind of guy. But probably Captain America; he has that whole high school quarterback vibe going on, and he eventually revealed his identity, meaning there was some mystery surrounding him at one point on his rise to fame, but now chicks can totally look him up in the phonebook. For women it's a toss-up between Storm, of the X-Men and Wonder Woman. Why? Because, frankly, those are the only two female superheroes I know of and they are both really hot and I just like to think about them in that capacity.)

Um, sorry about that. On to those random items.

1) The Kings of Leon FUCKING RULE. Seriously, how did I not know about these guys already? I saw them on SNL last week (which was a repeat, but hilarious and I hadn't seen it when it aired originally) and was blown away. Now I can't get over them.

They are like Hansel, so hot right now.

2) Last Friday after work, I went to meet my kind-of-ex-kind-of-not-sure-what's-going-on-now-kind-of-hanging-out-again-ex-girlfriend (who may or may not read this, so awkward...) out for a glass of wine and some tapas. The place we went was nice, a sort of Mediterranean-themed wine and tapas restaurant; small, cozy, quiet. We got there on the early side of a Friday evening and during the second glass of wine they dimmed the lights and lit candles. It was a nice, intimate atmosphere in a very grown-up kind of place. Then, all of a sudden, the music changed from softish, mellow ambient sounds...

To Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's "Thuggish Ruggish Bone", the 1994 gangsta rap hit that cemented Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's street cred for life among audiences worldwide and put Cleveland, Ohio on the map of all things rap. I kid you not.

And that shit was loud too.

The saddest part was that when they cut it off - and believe me, they cut it off pretty quick, since it didn't quite harmonize with the vibe they were trying to create in this place. (See what I did there? Harmonize? Bone Thugs-n-Harmony? Yessss!) The sad part was that there was an audible sigh of like, "oh man, I haven't heard that jam since 1996, how you just gonna stop it like that."

Well, the sigh might just have been from the two of us, but I heard it.

3) Recently RB, at The Wicked Witch of the Web, bestowed upon me the great honor of awarding me some kind of, uh... Award. Clearly this is another example of my mediocrity being trumped by my stellar ability to manipulate people into thinking I am awesome. Or she just has very questionable taste and simultaneously enjoys proofreading/alerting me to my atrocious spelling mistakes (thanks, by the way!).

She did though, present me with this award/chain letter which leaves me responsible for telling you all about 6 blogs I like and 6 things I like. I'll get to that soon. As soon as I can think of 6 different things I like (because writing "boobies" over and over six times would just be immature).

And we all know how mature I am.


  1. A- whoever turned off Bone Thugs was an f-ing party breaker. You should have killed them on the spot. I'm only half joking. Maybe

    B - Yay for the not really a promotion, promotion. Boo for all the extra work.

    C - Being that I am totally reading Identity Crisis, right now I feel like I am all read up on DC Comics and shit so my opinion is the Flash would be more of a ladies man. He's so fast they wouldn't even realize he was 2 or 3 timing them. CA, meh, maybe. I go with the Flash. Women I go with Rogue, its that southern accent and those monstrous boobs you're all about that would make it easier for her to get laid.

  2. bone bone bone bone bone bone bone whatcha gonna do...

  3. I think Storm is actually more of a prude. Jean Grey on the other hand, I'm sure gets down with most guys despite her serious side. Wonder Woman - total hoe, for sure. But the next hoe in line is Super Girl. I mean, c'mon she's totally in the shadow of Super Man .. she's not a girl, not yet a woman (see, totally has Brit-crazy written all over her).

  4. Jossie - A) No doubt, who cuts that off? B) Sadly, I enjoy being busy. Lately though it is getting to be a bit much. C) Good call all around. I knew there was a reason The Flash got consideration from me, but the girl-to-girl per amount of time argument is solid.

    And Rogue? How did I forget about her? Oh, right, dying every time your lady friend touches you for more than a few seconds might suck. Just saying. But, yes, Rogue is hot.

    Punchline - I know. I've had "it's the thuggish ruggish bone" in my head for a week now. I am considering posting the music video out of spite so other people have to sing it to themselves in public too.

    It's the thuggish ruggish booooaaaooaaoooone. Seriously.

    Muse - Jean Grey is exceptionally intelligent, but she can read minds. Any woman who could read my mind wouldn't spend more than 45 seconds with me. I gross myself out sometimes.

    And if Super Girl is 18 yet, well, have her email me.

  5. Did your sort of promotion come with an increase to a new pay grade?

  6. Wow I'm a little disappointed in your commitment to getting laid. Just because she sucks your life juice out of you every second you touch her doesn't mean she isn't worth a good shag. Just think then people could totally say you literally died getting off. What! Awesome.

  7. Joclyn - Kind of. We'll talk

    Jossie - I suppose dying with a smile on your face is the way to go.

    Q:How'd he die?
    A: Happy.