Thursday, December 4, 2008

Performance Anxiety Review

My performance review is coming up (or is here) at work. And there are three things I have to fill out for the review: 1) My Job____ 2) About [Company]______ 3) Where I see myself in three years_______

I may have done something stupid. For the answer to number 3, I wrote:

3) Where I see myself in three years:

I see myself just having recorded and released my second multi-platinum country/gospel/reggae (a new genre I will call “recounspel”) album and being amazed at how much progress western medicine has made in the past two and a half years, leaving me healthy for at least a full year and not needing to see a doctor for anything. Or, more realistically, I see myself three years further along in my career, making more money and still enjoying what I do.

Is that bad?


  1. Ha! If you were my direct report, I would adore that answer.

  2. Look on the bright side, you'll now have plenty of time to focus on completing that first platinum 'recounspel' album :)

  3. Bethis - So, not bad? As in, I'm not gonna get in trouble? I tend to get a tad cheeky sometimes...

    Miss Mak - I have so much talent, I don't really need the extra time. I'll post links to the music on here soon just to prove it.

  4. I have a great music alias for you.

    Michael Jackson.

    who doesn't love music from a Michael Jackson?

  5. I love it. It's so hard not to be sarcastic with stupid questions!

  6. LOL, okay I just laughed for about 5 minutes. If I was reviewing you, which I do because I am all official and a boss, I would LOVE that answer because it shows creativity. But on the downside some of the older folks at my job like the VP wouldn't they'd think you weren't taken it seriously.

    So I guess the real question is, what is your boss like? Do you think they will appreciate it? Do they have a sense of humor.

  7. RS 27 - Thriller baby! Seriously though, if you could line up some auditions for me out there, I may be looking for work soon.

    Zen - I know, it kills me. Although the review may not have been the best venue to make sarcastic remarks,I felt I had to do it.

    Jossie - My boss is hilarious. I think he will appreciate it. I just don't know for sure if he is the ultimately the one reviewing it.

  8. Okay, that is brilliant ; recounspel!!
    I just laughed out loud, I really did! It was good & friendly "I truly think thats funny" laugh.
    I think you are on to something....


  9. PVSP - On to how to get fired in a hurry maybe...