Monday, December 8, 2008

Relaxing Weekend in my Hot, Hot Pants

How was your weekend? That's nice. Mine was pretty solid too.

I had a good friend in town this weekend for work, so we got off a couple nice dinners and I got some great sleeping/relaxing/football time in while she was working during the days.

Did you see Saturday Night Live on, well, Saturday? Malkovich was good, he's a pretty funny and very creepy dude. And if you missed the Digital Short this week, "Jizz in my Pants" you missed out huge. I can't get the NBC video to embed - it keeps shutting down my page with some sort of error and NBC has removed the video from any other site (stupid copyrights). So in order to watch it you'll have to go here. Totally worth it though.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Samberg is a genius. The other guy in this is Jorma Taccone, he is a writer for SNL and was one of the guys who helped with the "Lazy Sunday" and "Dick in a Box" clips among other things. They, along with a dude named Akiva Schaffer are the group of filmmakers, The Lonely Island. These are funny dudes and the guys responsible for SNL's Digital Shorts (and a bunch of other, older stuff).

Enough with the fucking history lesson though, right? Time to bitch about something I can't really do anything about.

It is like 150 fucking degrees in my office today. I don't know how hard it can possibly be to get the temperature right in here, but it is a constant struggle. For a solid five months out of the year it is over 85 degrees in here, no shit, and sometimes it's WAY hotter. Fucking ridiculous. Somebody needs to hand over control of the thermostat, because whoever is supposed to be in charge is mentally (and/or thermally) deficient.

Also, I am still taking questions for the "about me" list or whatever, so please keep sending them in. Anything you want to know about me or my super-hero alter ego. Seriously, I am not going to be able to write this without help.

What a useless post. Sorry.

God it's hot in here.


  1. I watched Jizz in my pants roughly 5 times yesterday. One fo the funniest things on SNL this season.

    Jizz is funny.

  2. I cannot wait to get home and watch that (work blocks videos which pisses me off to no end). Which leads me to a COMMENT and SUGGESTION for your about me: Would you rather have work block videos/all other fun content OR have it be fucking hot as hell all the time? Because both are pretty terrible options.

  3. omg. i've seen your comments on BWPs site and finally came over to check you out. thank god i did b/c you are hilarious. nice work.

  4. RS 27 - Jizz is hilarious. So are the faces those dudes make in that video.

    Bethis - you should have just left work right then.

    Regardez Moi - Well thank you.

  5. I don't have TV - I have A television, but it's just used for movies. Anyhow, I rely on posts like these to keep me up to date on all the stuff I'm missing.

    And I've had this song in my head for the past couple days, which is a problem when I accidentally sing out loud. I'm sure the people around me a weirded out by the girl next to them singing about jizz.

  6. Muse - No TV? What are you some kind of tree-hugger? Singing about jizz should be embraced in the workplace. Depending on where you work I guess...

  7. I am a bit of a tree-hugger, not gonna lie.. worse than hugging trees is that I work at a church (gasp!). I'm typically the proverbial envelope-pusher around here (which is probably why I got laid off), but I think singing about jizz will most likely not be embraced by my co-workers. But I'm out of here in about a month, so what the hell, right?