Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Helmet Week 2008

Helmet week 2008 is in full swing. I thought I would be posting more during this long stretch of time off of work, but obviously I have been absent. Sorry about that. I really do still love you and cherish our relationship. 

You're not still mad are you?

I could give you all sorts of excuses about how I've been busy taking advantage of not working and how I'm accomplishing all those things I don't normally have time to do. But the truth is I am hanging on to the last few brain cells I own right now. 

Helmet week, for those that don't already know, is that grand week or so between Christmas and New Years when people are feeling festive, people are in town visiting and ready to party. I love this stretch at the end of the year. I pretty much go nuts. 

Helmet week is official. So far I've blacked out (twice), fallen over, eaten ice cream for breakfast, stayed up for more than 24 hours, and puked in a rental car. Game on. 

Jesus, I just reread that. If anyone knows a good rehab facility please let me know, it might be that time. 

I'll be back to posting more regularly after I relearn how to read and write. 

Happy New Year and don't forget to wear your helmets!


  1. Ohhhh okay so my recent behavior is not due to my raging alcoholism, but rather "helmet week"? Oh thank god. I feel so much better now about recent events.

  2. That is how to live, my friend. Any time you blackout and/or throw up more than once a month, let alone a week, that month has been a success.

  3. I'm appalled that more people don't eat ice cream for breakfast. It goes great with cold chinese food, or near-frozen stale pizza. Yum!

  4. I am gald that I can justify my past week's actions. I have had to work this week and have still managed to blackout twice and pee on my roommates dog.

  5. At least you're having a great time!

  6. Now I feel like a loser. Where's a hooker to kill when you need one??

  7. you are having so much more fun than me. i am stuck in my hometown where i know... zero people. i just sit around and play computer games with my sister all day. so come back and amuse me soon please.

  8. Game on? Hahahaha! You sound more date-able than me!
    You know I'm joshin ya, right? ;)

  9. You sound fun! =)
    You make me feel loser-ish....

  10. I have never heard of helmet week, but I like it. I hope you had a great helmet week.

  11. BWP - Justification is a hell of a drug.

    DWP - Then I am exceptionally successful. (and look at that: BWP, DWP... What's next NWA?)

    RB - But you're not appalled at me puking it back up in a rental car? Sweet lord.

    Grand Wave - On a dog? Really? The dog didn't even move? Amazing.

    Zen - That's what Helmet Week is all about.

    Lilu - YOU feel like a loser? You read the part about me falling over and puking, right?

    Beth - What do you mean by "amuse"? Come down to the city, I know you're still here.

    HB - Game on like Monopoly in Candy Land, yo.

    Katie - I am fun. And the two aren't mutually exclusive. I am also quite a loser.

    Bluca - I'm free next year if you want to break in your helmet.

  12. I don't really get why it's called helmet week but feck it, I could have used a helmet